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Hand Sanitizer at Round's True Value Hardware

We have a good supply of 2oz and 8oz Hi-Gear brand hand sanitizer. 

The 2oz is $5.99 and the 8oz is $9.99.  

Both bottles have pump spray caps.  The formula is 62% alcohol, contains Aloe, and is not sticky. Leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh, and clean. 

Hi-Gear Products is a Massachusetts company specializing in packaging products for the automotive industry.  They normally make car waxes, cleaners, engine oil additives, and an array of related products under their own and private labels. It was an easy shift for them to quickly change production lines over to bring you products needed urgently during the COVID-19 emergency.  

The pricing is higher than you normally would see.  This is a function of the container availability and raw material.  For instance, one supplier I talked with said that IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) as tripled in price over the past few weeks.  Another supplier opined that there was no commercial quantities of Aloe Vera  left on the planet, but that the Mexicans were growing more as fast as they could. 

Pricing is one means of communication.  It sends signals to the market to produce more or less of a given good.  Pricing is higher right now because hand sanitizer has been in short supply.  There are all sorts of manufacturers rushing to supply you with product.  I have talked with a marinara sauce manufacturer that went into hand sanitizer production.  True Value Paint is going into production.  A nail salon owner presented hand sanitizer  for us to sell.  An outfit that normally sells hemp-based products now sells a bottle of hand sanitizer with a green leaf on the label.  

Shortages of hand sanitizer will be with us for a short time.  The market will be flooded with product at some point.  Prices will come down and shortages will end.   A few months after that, the brands you are familiar with and the pricing you are accustomed to will return.   Until that time, we have the H-Gear brand for you RIGHT NOW.    Markets do work.  Unfettered competition does work.  Centralized planning does not.  Command and control structures fail to deliver in every case.  Ask the Venezuelans whose country is a economic basket case despite sitting on more oil than Saudi Arabia.  Ask the Cubans about their cars or crumbling housing.   

So, pricing is high while a product is scarce.  That will change.  I prefer an Adam Smith explanation instead of a tirade against profiteering that might just as well be a plank in most presidential primary platforms. 

Please be safe and secure during the remaining COVID-19 emergency.  If you need to go out and purchase essential products liked hand sanitizer, toilet repair parts, or anything necessary keep your household running, please come down to Round's True Value Hardware. 

Bill Round
for Round's True Value Hardware