Welcome to Round's True Value. Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware
290 Main Street
Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180


This site you are now on shows all our inventory tracked by stock number.  It does NOT have an on-line sales cart.  It's for information only. 

We are doing business in the store.  Please wear a MASK.  Stoneham may soon require this, so don't encourage the authorities to take action.  Wear a mask by choice for your own protection and the protection of others.   We do ask that if you feel ill, please stay away until you feel better.    

We will be CLOSED on Monday to observe Memorial Day.  

We have recently fired up a new buy on-line and pick-up at Round's service. Go to:  www.sameday.truevalue.com .  You can see what we have in stock, buy on-line, and pick up at Round's True Value on Main Street in Stoneham.  Please bear with us as we acclimate to this new system.  The on-line offerings on the sameday.truevalue.com are limited to True Value items with True Value stock numbers.  All our available Adirondack Chairs are visible as are most of our Coast of Maine bagged soils.  Not visible would be the Black Earth Compost (green bags from Gloucester), 60lb bags of concrete, pool chemicals, California Paint, and other items.  

What does Round's have that you might need?  A few things.  Please search the our website.  You can also search www.truevalue.com and have things delivered here to Round's (freight free!!!) or to your home (True Value will charge shipping).  Feel free to give us a call at 781.438.0116.

What we do NOT have :
N95 face masks   NOT IN STOCK     Hopeless until who knows when.  Charlie Baker, Andy Cuomo, Donald Trump are bidding against one another.
Toilet Paper         NOT IN                
Paper Towels       NOT IN STOCK
Sanitizing wipes   NOT IN STOCK
Sanitizing cleaners   Not a wide variety, but some. 
Lysol brand anything   NOT IN STOCK

Here are a few things that arrived and are available now
Limited numbers of exam gloves.  May be out soon. 
Some hand soap in pump bottles
Gallons Bleach

Wood Stove Pellets.   It's still cold out there.  We can sell you a few bags to hold you over.  As Shakespeare wrote:  " I, that did never weep, now melt with woe, That winter should cut off our spring-time so. (King Henry VI, Part III, Act 2, Scene 3)   As you shiver in your 2020 COVID Springtime of discontent, get a few bags of stove pellets, a bundle of firewood, or a Blue Rhino Propane to take the edge off.

Playing cards and game dice.  We have them
Milorganite Fertilizer .  This was in short supply last year, and this year looks the same.

Bandanas.  We have 3pks of assorted patterns.  Wash before wearing.  Not for robbing banks or stage coaches...

We are receiving some cleaning supplies and other items of use during the Covid-19 event.   Use the search box on our site to check.  Or call us. 

We sell and recommend the Orange Junkster bag for your next construction and cleanout project.  Junkster bags come in 1yd, 3yd, and 5yd sizes.  Junkster is a LOCAL company based in Saugus.  Junkster has provided prompt and efficient service to users in our area, and they are cheaper they are cheaper than the corporate green bag. 

Large assortment of nuts and bolts.  If we don't have it, you're in trouble...  Please note that we can NOT do stock checks on fasteners.  Sorry.  In-store self-service only. 

Brass compression, flare, and IPS fittings.  Good assortment up to 5/8" on flare and compression, to 1" on IPS brass.  We do  NOT stock DOT rated air brake system fittings.  

California Paints in stock.   
We have plenty of BLUE RHINO tanks in stock and ready to exchange.  Don't run short.  One on the grill and one waiting to replace it is the way to go.

Round's True Value Hardware Features Jonathan Green Lawn products.  See http://www.jonathangreen.com/new-american-lawn.html .  Paste this into your browser.  In contrast to heavily-marketed, big-box brands based on frequent chemical applications, Jonathan Green concentrates first on the condition of the soil.  Love-my-Soil and Magi-cal products will open bound-up soil and bring pH levels into balance for a healthier, greener lawn. 

Please search our site or feel free to call the store during business hours at 781.438.0116.

We do Propane Exchanges under the Blue Rhino Program.  $19.99 to exchange your empty, dirty, possibly outdated cylinder for a clean, tested, and filled Blue Rhino tank.  Please leave your tank by the Blue Rhino cage in front of the store, pay for your exchange, and we will pull a new Blue Rhino Tank out for you. Propane tanks should never be brought into a building  or left in a confined space like a car.

We recognize the True Value stock numbers.  We might have what you need in stock and ready to go right now.

Please visit us at our brick and mortar location at 290 Main Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts.  We're at the intersection of Montvale and Main Streets.  In a satellite view north of Boston , we're roughly at the intersection of

Routes 93 and 128. If you are traveling Routes 93 and 128 north of Boston, Round's is just a few minutes off either highway. 

From Route 93 North or South, take the Montvale Avenue exit to Stoneham.  We're at the top of the hill.  From 128 North and South, take the Main Street Stoneham Exit South.  We are five traffic light intersections down Main Street on the left.  Park in front of our building, on the side, or around the back.

Questions?  Please call or email Bill Round.  781.438.0113  x203.  billr@roundshardware.com
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