Welcome to Round's True Value. Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware
290 Main Street
Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180

We have Jonathan Green FALL MAGIC grass seed.  Fall is a GREAT time for lawn seed jobs. We have Jonathan Green FALL lawn fertilizer.  Do it before it's too late.   

We cut window glass to your order.

Adirondack Chairs: I just talked with the manufacturer about next season.  They said that everything they have scheduled for production has been sold.  There could be shortages again next year.  
We will have 15 color arriving for sale by April 2021.   For now, we MAY receive a few Adirondack chairs arriving here this Friday 10.2.20.  I think we will have four colors.  The 2020 outdoor chair season 
is over, but people are still calling for Chairs.  Call us this Friday after 11am.  They will be visible on-line by Saturday morning.  If you see them in front of the store, come on in and buy.

The pool season is over.  Time to close your pool and put it to bed.  We can still test water.  We have pool closing kits and chemicals. 

Can't find vinegar to bottle pickles?  We got some in.  It will be time for green tomatoes any day now.  Canning jars and lid are still in short supply.  I don't see any coming in soon.

We do have Black Earth compost in stock.  We do accept vouchers sent to Black Earth Compost Recyclers.

Looking for FoxFarm Ocean Soil?  We should have some in on Monday 9.28.20.   Try the Coast of Maine Stonington blend for superior container-grown cannabis.  Works great for container tomatoes as well.

We have plenty of firewood bundles.   No firepits.   We do have a couple of Table-Top fire pots #  206962 They are $119 and burn wood pellets.

We do have a good supply of LIVE fish bait.  Fishing is the ideal social distancing sport.  Football can not compare.   Plenty of worms in stock.   Shiners are hard to get and run out early.   Call ahead on shiners:  781.438.0116.  

www.roundshardware.com site you are now on shows all our inventory tracked by stock number.  It does NOT have an on-line sales cart.  It's for information only. When calling in it is very helpful to have the stock number so we can see what you see. 

We are doing business in the store.  Please wear a MASK.  Governor Baker does require this. 

We have recently fired up a new buy on-line and pick-up at Round's service. Go to:  www.sameday.truevalue.com .  You can see what we have in stock, buy on-line, and pick up at Round's True Value on Main Street in Stoneham.  Please bear with us as we acclimate to this new system.  The on-line offerings on the sameday.truevalue.com are limited to True Value items with True Value stock numbers.   Not visible would be the Black Earth Compost (green bags from Gloucester), 60lb bags of concrete, pool chemicals, mulch, soils,  propane, California Paint, and other items.  All the activity is handled through the sameday.truevalue.com website or phone ap.  Come into the store to pick up.  For curbside pickup of a sameday.truevalue.com order, park on the gas station side of the store and call in.  Identify yourself as a True Value Same Day customer 

Questions?  Please call or email Bill Round.  781.417.0386  billr@roundshardware.com
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