Welcome to Round's True Value. Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware
290 Main Street
Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180

August 16, 2017

Mr Round hit 90 just a few days ago.  Yes, this is the original Mr Round who has been in the business since the Kennedy Administration.
We appreciate the customers who have expressed their best wishes to him, at least those who know that Dad is still alive and working.

He does all our window and screen work.  He seems to work much faster in his old age, and can turn screen work around in three days or less depending on volume. He can be slammed with work and the wait time can go out to a week to 10 days. 

Mr Round is your front-line warrior in the battle against disease-carrying insects attempting to make their way into your home. Keep flies and mosquitoes OUTSIDE with a newly-repaired screen from Round's True Value.

A special Stoneham Solar Eclipse Alert:

Round's True Value does not sell anything suitable to look directly at the partially-eclipsed sun visible here in Stoneham.  We do not have any welding goggles.  We do not have any smoked glass.  We do not have any Eclipse glasses.  We do not have any #14 welding lenses (the recommended strength according to the NASA website).  A major on-line seller has recalled MILLIONS of eclipse glasses that failed quality checks or specification requirements.  All you need is a scratch on a pair of glasses to allow harmful solar energy through. 

Read the NASA website information for Safe Solar Eclipse viewing.

We can recommend any of the websites that have instructions for shadow boxes where the user faces AWAY from the sun and observes the eclipse projected through a pin-hole on one side of the box.  Aluminum foil, duct tape, and a cardboard box will make a safe viewing device.  Even simply holding a paper with a pin-hole to project onto a piece of foam board will do it.  Do NOT look directly at the sun or the eclipsed sun; severe eye injuries can occur VERY QUICKLY.  Monitor kids closesly.  Do NOT let them look through the "pin-hole" of any device or paper or cardboard directly at the Sun.  These devices are used to project the image of the eclipse onto a sheet of paper or the back of the box with the user looking away from the Sun.

We do Propane Exchanges under the Blue Rhino Program.  $19.99 to exchange your empty, dirty, possibly outdated cylinder for a clean, tested, and filled Blue Rhino tank.  Please leave your tank by the Blue Rhino cage in front of the store, pay for your exchange, and we will pull a new Blue Rhino Tank out for you. Propane tanks should never be brought into a building  or left in a confined space like a car.

This is an  informational site.  We do not do business on-line.  If you'd like to shop on-line, please go to www.truevalue.com. Select Round's True Value as your ship-to-store for FREE FREIGHT.  If True Value has it in stock, merchandise will generally arrive here at Round's True Value in two or three days.  As of July 2017, order deadlines are Sunday 6pm for Tuesday delivery to Round's, and Wednesday 6pm for delivery to Round's.  Before ordering on-line from True Value, please check our inventory of over 35,000 items in-stock.  Use this website to see what Round's True Value has in-stock at 290 Main Street in Stoneham, MA. 

We recognize the True Value stock numbers.  We might have what you need in stock and ready to go right now.

Please visit us at our brick and mortar location at 290 Main Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts.  We're at the intersection of Montvale and Main Streets.  In a satellite view north of Boston , we're roughly at the intersection of Routes 93 and 128. If you are traveling Routes 93 and 128 north of Boston, Round's is just a few minutes off either highway. 

Why spend rush hour in traffic?  Spend that time wandering the aisles at Round's to see what we have or pick up what you need. 

From Route 93 North or South, take the Monvale Avenue exit to Stoneham.  We're at the top of the hill.  From 128 North and South, take the Main Street Stoneham Exit South.  We are five traffic light intersections down Main Street on the left.  Park in front of our building, on the side, or around the back. Questions?  Please call or email Bill Round.  781.438.0113  x203.  billr@roundshardware.com  BRjr 07
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