Welcome to Round's True Value. Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's
Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware
290 Main Street
Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180

We stock Black Earth Composting Compost in 1 cuft bags.  $9.99 each.   We honor the Voucher issued to Black Earth Customers. 

We stock most of the Coast of Maine line of soils and composts.

We have Firewood bundles.

Adirondack Chairs.  We have some.  Not many.  Limited colors.  $24.99 each.

We have the following colors as of 5.1.21:  Blue Stone, Summer (lime) Green .   We will not hold Chairs; Please come on in and buy.

2021 is turning out to be an echo of 2020 in the supply chain business.  We are seeing shortages in many lines, and especially our line of Adirondack Chairs. 
Our truckload orders normally in house by April first were cancelled.  The manufacturer experienced production shutdowns, staff shortages, plastic resin price increases of 100%, and unprecedented retail demand.  We will receive shipments ordered last Fall at any time through the end of July.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but the plastic lawn chair has become the hoola hoop of our time.   If you see the color you want as your drive by our store or in-stock on our website, please buy as soon as possible.  Once they are gone, we may not see more until next season....

Bird Seed.  We have LOTS OF BIRD SEED.  

20lb True Value Backyard Bird Mix:     $5.99    (reg 8.99)            stock #  501272
40lb True Value Backyard Bird Mix:     $9.99    (reg 14.99)          stock # 129284
20lb Black Oil Sunflower:                      $12.99  (reg 17.99)          stock # 106363
40lb Black Oil Sunflower:                      $24.99  (reg 30.99)          stock # 144795
20lb Lyric Supreme Wild Bird Mix:        $19.99  (reg 30.99)          stock #  214905
20lb Sunflower Hearts                           $11.99  (reg 11.99)          stock # 154485               

We will carry out your purchases to the car, so don't worry about heavy bags.  We have 6gal, 10gal, and 20gal metal cans so you can store bird food securely 

Yes, we cut window glass to size while you wait.  See the sheet sizes we stock by typing WINDOW GLASS in the search box above.  We would use the sheet nearest your size.  Two cuts are included in the price.  Additional cuts are $2 each.  We stock what is referred to as "single strength" glass.  This is approximately 3/32" of an inch and is the traditional glass sold in hardware store.   It is NOT suitable for storm doors or table tops.

www.roundshardware.com site you are now on shows all our inventory tracked by stock number.  It does NOT have an on-line sales cart.  It's for information only. When calling in it is very helpful to have the stock number so we can see what you see. 

We are doing business in the store.  Please wear a MASK.  Governor Baker does require this. 

To buy on-line and pick-up at Round's. Go to:  www.sameday.truevalue.com .  You can see what we have in stock, buy on-line, and pick up at Round's True Value on Main Street in Stoneham.  The on-line offerings on the sameday.truevalue.com are limited to True Value items with True Value stock numbers.   Not visible would be the Black Earth Compost (green bags from Gloucester), 60lb bags of concrete, pool chemicals, mulch, soils,  propane, California Paint, and other items.  All the activity is handled through the sameday.truevalue.com website or phone ap.  Come into the store to pick up.  For curbside pickup of a www.sameday.truevalue.com order, park on the gas station side of the store and call in.  Identify yourself as a True Value Same Day customer 

Questions?  Please call or email Bill Round.  781.417.0386  billr@roundshardware.com
WHR 05.1.2021
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