Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware Stoneham, Massachusetts
Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware
290 Main Street
Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180

Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware in Stoneham, Massachusetts in the USA.  We are just 15 minutes North of Boston driving up Route 93.  We have had customers bike up from Medford, Somerville, and Cambridge.  This can be done using safe(r) secondary roads.

Winter?  We give up. We hope Winter has had its last kick at us. 

We have all our Jonathan Green products in.  They are coming out to the sales floor as we have time. Jonathan Green features the Black Beauty Lawn seed mixes used by sod farms and avid lawn cultivators.  We have most of the mixes and and most of the sizes you might need.  Check out the Jonathan Green Story at www.jonathangreen.com .  Look up Magical Plus.  This product works to correct soil issues preventing proper grass growth and fertilizer uptake.  If the soil isn't right, the lawn will not be right.  We also have the Jonathan Green organic products.

Sorry.  We do not service lawn mowers, snow blowers, or other power equipment at Round's True Value.  We do stock TruFuel for all your small lawn and hand-held power equipment.  Using gas station gasoline can cost you more than you think.   Read my thoughts and suggestions on the care and feeding of power equipment on the link on the left hand side of this page.

Yes, we cut window glass to size while you wait.  See the sheet sizes we stock by typing WINDOW GLASS in the search box above.  We would use the sheet nearest your size.  Two cuts are included in the price.  Additional cuts are $2 each.  We stock what is referred to as "single strength" glass.  This is approximately 3/32" of an inch and is the traditional glass sold in hardware store.   It is NOT suitable for storm doors or table tops.  Customers have reported quotes from $400 to $800 to replace glass in wood frame windows.  Find a YOUTUBE video that speaks to you.  Perhaps you can do the work yourself.  We can sell you the glass, putty, and tools.  

www.roundshardware.com is the site you are now on. It shows all our inventory tracked by stock number.  It does NOT have an on-line sales cart.  It's for information only. When calling in it is very helpful to have the stock number so we can see what you see. 

We now have an on-line sales site for in-store pick-up only:    www.shoproundshardware.com.  This site has not only Round's Hardware items but True Value special order items we do not carry.  Call us for questions at 781.438.0116.

Questions?  Please call Bill or Bruce Round at 781.438.0116.  Any of our staff members who answer should be able to assist you as well.  We do give priority to customers in the store, so there will be times when are unable to do stock checks via phone.
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