Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware Stoneham, Massachusetts
Fall is here. It's time to close your swimming pool.  Round's Hardware has what you need.

When the cover comes off your pool in the Spring, the goal is to see clear water with minimal debris, no split plumbing fittings or damaged liners.

1.  Your pool will be damaged if the water is not balanced between calcium and alkalinity.  Failure to balance your pool water can discolor your liner and cause stretch lines to form on the bottom of the pool

2.  A Closing kit contains the products you will need to balance your water.  Kits come in 15,000 and 30,000 gallon sizes.  We have these in stock.

3. We stock covers for many popular above ground pool sizes.

4.  We stock pool pillows and Water Tubes to keep the cover in the proper position for the winter.

5.  We have cables and fittings to secure your cover to prevent it from flying off in the heavy winds.

6.  We also carry freeze guard gizzmos, freeze plugs, and Winter Pills, non-toxic blue antifreeze and other accessories needed to shut things down.

7. If you can, disconnect the pool pump and filter and bring them into warm storage.  Fill remaining plumbing with antifreeze. 

8. If you have questions about your pool closing, if this is the first year you have closed your pool, need an additional water test for Fall swimming, come on down to see Bruce Round for advice.

WHR 09.06.2016