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Screen repair

Round's Hardware Screen Repair Service

We replace torn and broken door, window, and slider screens with new screen material.

Traditionally, we did not build new screen frames from sample frames. However, please bring a sample frame and we will try to match it to screen frame stock to fabricate and new screen to replace a broken or missing frame.   

We have limited means to repair broken corners, a common problem with window screen frames. 

We do wood frame screen doors and windows.  These can be be a time-consuming challenge, so we must quote accordingly.  We reserve the right to reject frames that are rotten, broken, or out of square. 
Pricing:  The formula is width plus height times .35 to render a good "guesstimate."  There are additional charges for corners, slider wheels, bent frame straightening, and frames over 36 inches wide. For Pet screening, use the price factor .65. Pricing includes new gasket spline.

Pricing example:    The screen frame measures 30" wide and is 24" tall.     30 + 24 = 54    54 x  .35 = $18.90 for charcoal aluminum screening.  Price include screening, labor, and a new spline gasket.

Screen material available for installation:   Charcoal Aluminum, Charcoal Fiberglass, Gray Fiberglass, Pet Screening.

Turnaround time:   High season for screen repair is May through August.  Turnaround time for repair is generally 7 days with 14 days during periods of critical heat or public health warnings about mosquito-related illness.

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