Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware Stoneham, Massachusetts
Round's Repairs Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

We repair table and floor lamps.

Lamps do age.  Wire insulation can dry up and crack; switches last for so many on-off cycles.  Grandfather's patch job on the cord has always been suspect.  The bulb goes out when the lamp is moved. There are sounds like electrical arcing.  Circuit breakers trip when the lamp is turned on.   The lamp socket will not stay together. The new lamp shade looks too low on lamp.  We can address all these issues.

Please leave the lampshade at home unless you have a shade position problem.  If your lamp is an antique, has special value, or requires special handling, please let us know.  

We can replace wiring, sockets, and switches to restore your lamp to working order.   Broken glass or other parts may be more challenging; call the store to discuss your issues or send a picture with a problem description to billr@roundshardware.com.

We have repaired light fixtures and chandeliers over the years.  If you found something interesting at the old house parts reclamation yard, we should be able to update wiring.  We don't do any metal refinishing, cleaning, replating, or major structural updates. We do not have a machine shop or foundry to replicate missing parts. On the plus side, lamps and light fixtures over the past century are largely fabricated with off the shelf parts.  On the minus side, what was common and "off the shelf" in 1945 may be unavailable today.   

In the past, our exposure to European Economic Union standard lamps and light bulbs was limited to customers returning from Italy or Germany with lamps wired for E14 bulbs.  We do have adapters for these.  We now see customers with lamps and fixtures purchased on line.  Some of these units must have been built for markets outside the United States.  Either the adapters or a compete rewiring may be called for.

Base labor pricing is $30 for table lamps and $35 for floor lamps plus parts.  We charge extra for more complex wiring jobs where fixture disassembly is necessary. 

Sometimes lamps have come to the end of their usefulness.  The big box store "Econo-lamp" that didn't make it through last weekend's house party may not be worth the repair. 

Please bring your lamps in anytime,  We'd be happy to help.   Reviewed 05.11.24 WHR