Welcome to Round's True Value Hardware Stoneham, Massachusetts

The Stoneham-Woburn-Melrose-Wakefield-Reading area has several ponds and lakes suitable for fishing. 

Why not give it a try?  

We stock basic fishing gear at Round's True Value Hardware for fresh water fishing. 

While we stock a few rod and reel sets for those who need one in a hurry or have a few kids to take fishing this morning, Round's concentrates on basic bait and tackle to go on the end of your fishing line.

We stock Shiners.  We might run out during the lulls between open water fishing and the ice fishing seasons, but we try to stock shiners all year long.  These are available at the back service desk to the left of the store.   If you land at the paint desk, that's not it. Go the the left hand side of the store.

We stock three sizes of earth worms:   Night Crawlers, dillies, and trout worms.  We keep a few meal worms around as well.  These are located in aisle 8 in the store.

We have hooks, bobbers, bait buckets, a small selection of lures, lines, rubber worms, power baits, landing nets and a few other things needed for a successful trip to a local pond. 

See you at the lake.

We recently learned that Arlington Bait closed temporarily due to illness in the owner's family. We are very sorry to hear this and hope for a quick return to health.  In the meantime, Arlington Bait was a popular source for area anglers.  Until they return to normal, Round's is open 8am to 6pm weekdays, Saturday until 5, and Sunday 10-3 to keep you fishing.

Our bait deliveries arrive after 4pm on Thursdays.  We have medium shiners, normally, and Bruce has Large in stock on a trial basis.  We don't have frogs, nymphs, crickets, crayfish, or any saltwater bait.  If you think we should stock such stuff, talk to Bruce.  We did try frozen herring and clams, but they did poorly.  However, if the area needs it, Round's is interested in supplying it.

Bill Round