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Service and Repair at Round's True Value Hardware

Things we do at Round's

Screen Repair.  Please see the separate page with more detailed information.

Tool Sharpening.  We offer a drop off and pick up sharpening service.  We accept lawn mower blades, pruning shears, scissors, knives, chain saw chains (extra charge if we have to remove and install the chain), garden tools, lopping shears, hand push mowers, circular saw blade, hand saw, and wood chisel sharpening.   Tools dropped off at the store by Tuesday at the close of business will return the the store on the following Wednesday.

Storm windows.  We do the classic, single thickness glass aluminum storm window frames.  We put glass in the triple-track aluminum frames.  We install acrylic glazing (commonly referred to as PLEXIGLAS or plexiglas) in storm door inserts as required by law. As of July 2016, we do not do double-insulated vinyl replacement windows.

Lamp Repair.  We can completely rewire or repair your table and floor lamps. 

Keys made.  We cut house keys, door keys, car keys, padlock keys, mailbox keys, tubular alarm keys, old car keys, new car keys, computer chip keys, sidewinder keys, painted and novelty door keys and others from our in-stock collection of thousands of keys.  We do not cut customer-supplied keys. We do apologize for this inconvenience, but variables in materials and programming make it impossible to control quality.

Pool Water Testing.  Please see the separate page with more detailed information.

Glass Cutting. We sell single strength glass cut to size up to 36 X 52" cut to size while you wait.  Single Strength glass stocked at Round's True Value is general purpose "float glass" sheets about 2mm thick.  It's suitable for windows, picture frames, and cabinets where safety is not critical.  We do not stock double thickness glass, but have done full-case special orders.  Double thick glass is not actually twice the thickness of single strength glass, it's approximately 3mm. There are specialty glass sheets available in the marketplace beyond what we stock.  Archival and museum glass sheet have UV-protection, anti-glare finishes, and can be thinner than the ordinary glass Round's True Value sells.

Shades Cut to Size.  We stock a basic selection of roll-type (pull-down) window shades in light filtering and room darkening variations. The standard "stock" sizes are 37", 44", 55", and 72" wide. The standard "drop" is 72".  We do not stock extra long shades.  In our market, these are unusual and found chiefly in extremely tall Victorian-style windows. The color selection is white and Antique white.  We stock some fringed or "scolloped" shades as well.  Bring in your shades for accurate cuts on you new shades.  We will cut your old shades to size.  See sku # 962157 for pricing.

Rubber, plastic, polyethylene, and other tubing cut to size.

Basic Electrical wire cut to size.

Chain up to 3/8" cut to length.

Wire Rope up to 1/4" cut to length.

A full selection of fasteners available to match to your samples.  See the separate page for detailed information.

Computer Color Matching.  Just about any paint color from any manufacturer can be duplicated in any California brand paint product.  We can shoot sample surfaces to calculate a color with our software.

Special orders.  We search for and order into our store items from True Value or from our other suppliers.  If it's easier, please buy from www.truevalue.com and specify Round's True Value as your ship-to-store. 

We carry merchandise out to your car.

We help you find merchandise in our store quickly.  Your time is valuable. 

We sell live fishing bait.  See the separate page for more information. Sorry, we are unable to supply you with the hot fishing spots in the Stoneham area.

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